Our newest creation has arrived

The Bugatti Group strives to be a leader in innovation – we are proud to invite you on our first exclusive Phygital (physical & digital) experience. A collection built with the purpose of utility, offering life to your products, blending mechanisms, rarities, traits & access to exclusive partner releases & more.

The Concept

The Bugatti Group is proud to say we've joined the hype. Presenting the Genesis NFT Collection; A new immersive shopping experience that takes the consumers digital persona to the next level. Each Genesis persona is a rarity and comes with something valuable. What's in it for you?

Dive in to the endless opportunities of the Metaverse and discover it for yourself. All rarities include the following base benefits:


‣ Mint pass to all future partner NFT mints
‣ Blending mechanisms
‣ Access to highly limited merchandise
‣ Discord role & special access
‣ Receive a 100$ coupon when purchasing for more than 250$ on www.bugatticollections.com (one time use)

‣ Lifetime 55% off all web 2 products not including discounted products
*Can’t be combine with another discount.
‣ Own 15 NFTs to be eligible for a merch line on major retail.com

Bugatti NFT

‣ Mint pass to all future partnered NFT mints
‣ Claimable: Eco friendly custom cross body bag

Bugatti NFT

‣ Phygital access
‣ Claimable: Eco friendly custom cross body bag or Heat press reborn cross body

Bugatti NFT

‣ Exclusive Metaverse wearables
‣ Claimable: Eco friendly custom cross body bag or heat press vegan leather back pack

Bugatti NFT

‣ Special pricing to upcoming mints
‣ Claimable: Duffle mile end bag or Eco friendly custom carry-on luggage

Bugatti NFT

‣ Airdrop from upcoming mints
‣ Claimable product: Eco friendly custom carry-on luggage or Premium deluxe Carry-on luggage



Beach Side Vacation
Claimable Product: Paddle Board x K&B Sport

*Destination details will be shared with recipient.


  • Bugatti RoadMap

    Phase 1 ~ Done

    ‣ NFT Collection Plan
    ‣ Dev Art and Mechanics
    ‣ Prep Marketing Materials

  • Bugatti RoadMap

    Phase 2 ~ Done

    ‣ Launch Web and Socials
    ‣ Build Bugatti Community

  • Bugatti RoadMap

    Phase 3 ~ Done

    ‣ Credit card mint
    ‣ Allowlist mint
    ‣ Public mint
    ‣ Pre-reveal
    ‣ Reveal

  • Bugatti RoadMap

    Phase 4

    ‣ Blending weekend
    ‣ Phygital access
    ‣ Staking access

  • Bugatti RoadMap

    Phase 5

    ‣ Staking partners start
    ‣ First partner mint announcement
    ‣ Blending weekend

  • Bugatti RoadMap

    Phase 6

    ‣ To be Revealed

Who is the Bugatti Group?

The Bugatti Group is a company that creates, designs, manufactures, imports and sells high quality luggage, briefcases, handbags and accessories. Recognized for the past 82 years for its expertise, The Bugatti Group will now be adding utility-filled non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to their portfolio.

Team Members

Introducing to you the team that is behind the NFT project;

Bugatti RoadMap



Bugatti RoadMap



Bugatti RoadMap

Vice President


Bugatti RoadMap



Bugatti RoadMap



Bugatti RoadMap



Bugatti RoadMap

Art Director


Bugatti RoadMap



Bugatti RoadMap

Graphic Artist


Bugatti RoadMap



Bugatti RoadMap



Bugatti RoadMap

Community Manager


Bugatti RoadMap

Project Consultant


Bugatti RoadMap


Nalikes Studio

More team members to be revealed later on. Stay tuned...


What is The Bugatti Group Genesis NFT collection and what are my benefits if I mint this NFT?

The Bugatti Group Genesis NFT Collection is designed to give owners real world utility associated with Proof of Ownership in the Metaverse.

We will provide phygital (physical & digital) redemptions in addition to introducing our product into the Metaverse.

Ownership benefits may include, but are not limited to:
Allowlist to all future NFT drops
Gated access to exclusive Social Media channels
Access to exclusive, limited releases (both physical and digital)
Discounted prices for future drops and purchases
Physical claimable
Blending mechanisms
& More

How can I get The Bugatti Group Genesis NFT?

The initial Genesis drop will be on this website where we will create an official mint page. We will have a tiered drop for our Allowlist members before it goes public. After the drop sells out, the NFTs will be available on secondary markets like OPENSEA.

What are the mint details for the Genesis NFT Drop?

The Bugatti Group Genesis NFT drop will be on November 18th and will cost 185$ USD. You can purchase your Genesis NFT with ETH or by using a credit card.

If I don’t get the Genesis NFT I want, can I improve my Genesis NFT?

YES! Our collection will include blending mechanisms which you can use to upgrade your NFT if you choose.

Where can I go for more info?

We hope this dedicated LEARN MORE page can help you with any other questions you may have.